Kevin Trewern


Kevin is a Commissioning Engineer and Software Director for Phoenix Engineering. Kevin is experienced in several programming languages for SCADA, PLC and instrument configuration. He specialises in control systems and has over 20 years experience in control panel design and manufacture, testing and troubleshooting installations, and configuration and calibration of instrumentation. Dealing mostly with software and commissioning aspects these days, it is Kevin’s job to bring the plant together into an integrated system that is operator friendly. Kevin wrote the current version of Phoenix’s in house SCADA software “DLog” which was developed with the operator in mind and is based on experience gained from writing software for over 20 leachate treatment plants. It has been well received and has grown with the client’s needs over the years. Kevin also writes the bespoke PLC code for Phoenix’s installations and has developed the code for its packaged Ultra-Filtration Plants.