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Phoenix have probably been involved with more Leachate Treatment Plants than any other construction company.

Most design and installation is "in house".
We only sub-contract to specialists such as tank suppliers.

Phoenix Engineering possesses the necessary skills and experience to take responsibility for every aspect of a project.
This can be by way of conventional client specification, or through a Design & Build approach.

Leachate treatment plant sizes vary from 50 m³/d to 450 m³/d, whilst methane stripping plants treat up to 1000 m³/d.


Landfill SiteEnd UserOperationalCapacityDisposal To
Large SBR Treatment Plants:
Brookhurst Wood - 2nd stage Biffa March 2014 50 m³/d watercourse
Brookhurst Wood - 1st stage Biffa Dec. 2013 100 m³/d watercourse
Masons Viridor August 2012 160 m³/d sewer
Bletchley (denitrification) Waste Recycling Group June 2011 200 m³/d sewer
Connon Bridge rebuild (denitrification) SITA Summer 2010 300 m³/d watercourse
Small Dole CEMEX Autumn 2009 240 m³/d watercourse
Rigmuir Viridor Waste Management Winter 2008 200 m³/d sewer
Ardley (upgrade) Viridor Waste Management Winter 2008 250 m³/d sewer
Winterton (denitrification) Waste Recycling Group Spring 2009 140 m³/d watercourse
Auchencarroch Barr Environmental Spring 2009 150 m³/d watercourse
Frampton-on-Severn CEMEX Autumn 2008 100 m³/d sewer
Garlaff, Ayrshire Barr Environmental Autumn 2008 200 m³/d watercourse
Pilsworth Viridor Waste Management Spring 2005 400 m³/d sewer
Winterton (pre-denitrification) [8] Waste Recycling Group Autumn 2004 150 m³/d sewer
Ardley Viridor Waste Management Winter 2003 150 m³/d sewer
Efford Hampshire County Council Autumn 2002 150 m³/d sewer
Arpley [1][8] Waste Recycling Group Autumn 2001 450 m³/d watercourse
Brookhill A D Waste Ltd Summer 2001 100 m³/d sewer
Lord St Helens Cory Waste Management Spring 2001 80 m³/d sewer
Shelford Brett Waste Management Spring 2001 130 m³/d sewer
Whitehead Viridor Waste Management Summer 2000 150 m³/d sewer
Ballymacvea [1] Ballymena District Council Autumn 1999 120 m³/d watercourse
Trecatti II Biffa Waste Services Autumn 1998 150 m³/d sewer
Sundon [1] Bedfordshire County Council Spring 1997 550 m³/d sewer
Connon Bridge [2] County Environmental Services, Cornwall Spring 1997 150 m³/d watercourse
Hempsted B The Waste Company (now Cory WM) Spring 1996 280 m³/d estuary
Trecatti Biffa Waste Services Autumn 1995 200 m³/d sewer
Simple, Smaller, SBR Systems:
Gremista Shetland Islands Council Spring 2006 50 m³/d sea
Portree Skye & Lochalsh District Council Spring 1996 100 m³/d watercourse
Borth Ceredigion District Council Summer 1995 50 m³/d watercourse
SBR Lagoon Systems:
Bennadrove (upgrade) Western Isles Islands Council Autumn 2007 130 m³/d watercourse
Winterton (temp. plant) Integrated Waste Management Spring 2001 80 m³/d sewer
Cowpen Bewley Cleveland County Council Spring 1996 100 m³/d sewer
Deep Moor Devon Waste Management Summer 1994 130 m³/d sewer
Bennadrove Western Isles Islands Council Autumn 1993 130 m³/d watercourse
Other Leachate Treatment Systems:
Shirley Worcester County Council Spring 2013 100 m³/d watercourse
Rueval Western Isles Islands Council Autumn 2008 260 m³/d watercourse
Midgeland [4] Lancashire County Council Spring 2005 1800 m³/d sewer
Adswood Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority Autumn 2004 1000 m³/d sewer
Barlow Hall Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority Autumn 2004 1000 m³/d sewer
Mont Cuet States of Guernsey Summer 2003 450 m³/d sea
Plank Lane[4] Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority April 2003 50 m³/d sewer
Amberswood [4] Wigan Borough Council March 2003 100 m³/d sewer
Drinkwater Park [4] Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority October 2002 150 m³/d sewer
Ravenscraig [1][7] British Steel Autumn 1999 1000 m³/d watercourse
Red Moss [4] Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority Spring 1999 1000 m³/d sewer
Monument Hill [1] Wiltshire County Council Summer 1996 250 m³/d watercourse
Hempsted A [4][6] The Waste Company (now Cory WM) Autumn 1994 700 m³/d sewer


[1] Includes reed bed polishing,
[2] Plus grass and percolation plot irrigation,
[3] Woodland irrigation,
[4] Methane stripping and H2O2 dosing,
[5] Ozonation treatment included,
[6] Hydrogen peroxide dosing/sulphide removal,
[7] Includes cyanide oxidation and oil removal,
[8] Includes dissolved air flotation,

Phoenix Engineering involvement varies. From Electrical & Controls, (only on the oldest plants). To full plant build, (on the more recent), where we have undertaken complex Civil Engineering Works, including;

  • CFA piles through landfill waste,
  • Pre-cast and post tensioned sectional tanks,
  • Large scale steel design and fabrication for access steps,
  • Gantries and walkways,

This is our own SCADA package, written after we were less than satisfied with the "Off the Shelf" packages available.
The many products we trialled did not have the depth of reporting, trending and data saving that our clients were seeking.

With Dlog, all analogue and digital data can be stored for the life of the plant, (typically 25 years), without being overwritten.
We also had to accommodate the varying levels of expertise of the plant operators, whilst still offering detailed data for the process engineers to undertake analytical work.

Having used many products, it was decided in 1995 to develop our own SCADA system to fully cover our customer requirements.
Packaged products fell short in some areas such as; logging per cycle, data overwriting after 3 months, levels of access and graphing interrogation.

Our first product was written in the Visual Basic 4 language, with later upgrades in Visual Basic 5 & 6.
The client response was encouraging, and we began a full rewrite in 1998 using the C++ language.
At present we are working on the C# .net version.

The system was always designed to allow simple, password protected, operator access at the clients desired level, and also to give engineers in depth information about the plant.
In this way, engineers can access critical items such as pump stop levels to allow a maximum output, without harming plant components.

Event logs and graphs can be annotated to permanently record events, I.E. calibration of an instrument.
In this way log and graph readings outside of the norm can be identified.

All logged and graphing data can be downloaded to a memory stick, for client use on their own machines.

Many sites include export of data to central data logging centres in client specified formats.

We also offer a data collection service whereby logs are backed up from site to our servers.

Site remote access from a web browser is a standard feature.

Phoenix have designed and manufactured control panels for a wide range of applications.
The majority of the control panels produced are part of our Design & Build operations.

The same care is taken whether it is a stainless steel conveyor speed control, or a multiple motor starter with PLC.
Panels are designed "in house", with CAD produced approval and build drawings.
By bringing the panel manufacture "in house", we are able to closely monitor the quality and accuracy of the build.

Most panels are manufactured to BS5486. They vary in size from simple interface panels, to muli cubicle motor starter, control and power distribution panels.
We manufacture panels in:

  • Epoxy coated Steel,
  • Stainless Steel,
  • GRP,
  • Plastic from IP20 to IP69,

Phoenix have been involved with many projects where their experience in control and integration has been employed to work up an automation project.

Many contracts within the food factory sector have been completed to integrate different pieces of equipment to automate a production line.
Some projects have required simple interlocks, whilst others have involved the design and building of control panels, along with the writing of complex PLC logic.

Systems often employ "programmable logic controllers" (PLC's).
All software is written "in house".

Most installations are fully automated, requiring only visual checking, and the replacement of dosing chemicals by an engineer.
Operator plant changes are easily achieved using our Dlog SCADA system, or HMI on the smaller installations.

Fully automated treatment plants installed in 1993 are still fully functioning.
New technology & ideas are continually evaluated and integrated into our systems, if appropriate.

Whether it is a single conveyor belt, or a full treatment process.
Phoenix have experience in many types of system controls.
Completed projects range from simple conveyor speed control, to full plant/factory automation.

We specialise in the integration of instrumentation and automation.
We have successfully undertaken contracts that include the reading of parameters such as:

  • Temperature (in liquid, air and of materials),
  • Oxygen (%),
  • Dissolved Oxygen (%),
  • pH,
  • Turbidity,
  • Level,
  • Pressure,
  • Speed,
  • Location,
  • Elapsed Time,
  • Product Count,
  • NH3
  • NH4

We take responsibility for full systems design, installation, testing, operator training & manuals.
Our experience covers many production disciplines.
24/7 back up.

Handling Capacity:

Housed within our purpose built factory, we have a 5 t overhead gantry, and a 3.5 t counterbalance forklift.
We can saw cut upto 300 diameter tube.

CNC Folding and Guillotining:

We can cut 3000mm x 4mm in stainless steel, and 6mm in mild steel.
Our 160t CNC folder allows us to bend multiple sequence items quickly and efficiently.

Stainless Steel:

Our fabricators are qualified to BS EN 287-1 vessel, and purge pipe welding.
We have a wealth of experience with the manufacture and installation of;
  • Process pipe work,
  • Tanks,
  • Support structures,
  • Enclosures,

Mild Steel, Structural Steelwork:

We undertake all forms of steel fabrication, from a simple building or storage canopy, to bespoke stairs, lifting gantries and access walkways.
All welding is carried out to BS 4872.

Design & Build:

Working with our engineering partners we can offer a full design & build package.
CAD drawings are produced "in house".
All work is designed, manufactured and installed to the relevant British Standards or ISO equivalent depending on our clients requirement.

Site Installation:

Our site installation team have CSCS Accreditation, and are certified with many other qualification including:
  • Slinger/ Banksman,
  • NPORS Counterbalance forklift,
  • Abrasive wheels,
  • Confined space,
  • First aid,

"Electrical Contracting is where Phoenix began."

Over the life of the company, Phoenix has undertaken Electrical works in many disciplines.

The wiring regulations have and continue to change.
It is a core activity for Phoenix to keep its staff and systems up to date with current regulations and best practice.
Continuing Professional Development forms part of our "Investor in People" ethos, and ensures that clients have projects designed and installed to the latest regulations.

Some of our installation services:

  • LV Distribution cabling,
  • HV supplies to 11,000 volt,
  • Ring Main Unit & Transformer installations,
  • Lighting installation & upgrades,
  • Three phase electrical power supplies & infrastructures,
  • Ladder rack and traywork containment,
  • Plant & machinery installations,
  • Water & Sewage treatment plants,
  • Power Factor Correction units,
  • Fire Alarms installers to BS5839,
  • Emergency lighting installers to BS5266,
  • Data Communications & UPS supplies,
  • CCTV / Door entry systems,
  • Electrical Maintenance / Breakdown / Faults,


NICEIC Approved Contractors Company.
NICEIC is the UK electrical contracting industry's independent voluntary body.
"Electricians registered by NICEIC are assessed on a regular basis to ensure that they are competent and capable of meeting the relevant technical and safety standards, codes of practice and rules of the Schemes they are registered to."

Phoenix design, and install systems in; HDPE, MDPE, Ductile Iron, PVC-C, PVC-U, ABS & Polypropylene.
Pump sets are assembled onto job specific skids, manufactured and tested at our fabrication works.
We offer a design and build service for pumping systems or can build and install to customer designs.

Works undertaken by Phoenix mechanical include:

  • Delivery pipeline and pumping systems,
  • Process pumping and pipelines,
  • Aeration systems,
  • Mixing systems,
  • Chemical Dosing plants,
  • Bunded and trace heated pipelines,
  • Discharge pumping and pipelines,
  • Borehole pumping,
  • Head works,
  • "Up slope riser" systems,


Phoenix engineers have extensive experience in many pump types, their selection and installations including:

  • Submersible,
  • Close coupled,
  • Submersed venturi aerators,
  • Air blowers,
  • Dosing,
  • Borehole,
  • Self priming,
  • Booster pump sets,
  • Positive displacement,
  • Rotary lob,

Construction projects often involve elements of civil engineering.

Other than specialist work, Phoenix Engineering undertake all projects "in house", our Senior Project Manager has a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering.

The Civil Engineering elements of one large project:

  • 190 x 500mm, DIA x 25m deep, concrete piles,
  • 1000m³ of concrete,
  • Formation of pile caps,
  • Tank bases,
  • Sectional concrete tanks,
  • Bunded chemical storage area,
  • Plant & bridge foundations,
  • Below ground tanks & pumping stations,
  • Pipe lines & cabling ducts,
  • Draw pits & valve chambers,
  • Tarmac road & curbs,
  • Concrete hard standing,
  • Drainage and sumps,
  • High voltage transformer bases,