This is our own SCADA package, written after we were less than satisfied with the “Off the Shelf” packages available.
The many products we trialled did not have the depth of reporting, trending and data saving that our clients were seeking.

With Dlog, all analogue and digital data can be stored for the life of the plant, (typically 25 years), without being overwritten.
We also had to accommodate the varying levels of expertise of the plant operators, whilst still offering detailed data for the process engineers to undertake analytical work.

Having used many products, it was decided in 1995 to develop our own SCADA system to fully cover our customer requirements.
Packaged products fell short in some areas such as; logging per cycle, data overwriting after 3 months, levels of access and graphing interrogation.

Our first product was written in the Visual Basic 4 language, with later upgrades in Visual Basic 5 & 6.
The client response was encouraging, and we began a full rewrite in 1998 using the C++ language.
At present we are working on the C# .net version.

The system was always designed to allow simple, password protected, operator access at the clients desired level, and also to give engineers in depth information about the plant.
In this way, engineers can access critical items such as pump stop levels to allow a maximum output, without harming plant components.

Event logs and graphs can be annotated to permanently record events, I.E. calibration of an instrument.
In this way log and graph readings outside of the norm can be identified.

All logged and graphing data can be downloaded to a memory stick, for client use on their own machines.

Many sites include export of data to central data logging centres in client specified formats.

We also offer a data collection service whereby logs are backed up from site to our servers.

Site remote access from a web browser is a standard feature.