Environmental Statement

Phoenix Engineering is an active, forward-thinking contractor that considers our impact on the environment very seriously. We recognise that our operations could result in emissions to air and water, the generation of waste and consumption of natural resource and therefore realise the importance of environmental protection. We are committed to working towards achieving the 2050 net-zero target and providing our clients with considerate engineered solutions.

Phoenix Engineering has implemented environmental controls through its ISO 9001 and 14001 policies and is committed to operating its business responsibly and in compliance with all environmental regulations, legislation and approved codes of practice relating to its industry and activities.

We constantly strive to reduce energy consumption on our sites and offices. Electricity used at our office, Phoenix House, comes from renewable sources, while our underfloor heating utilises heat pumps.

We strive to make our sites as green as possible, not only does this help reduce our CO2 emissions but it also reduces our internal waste and therefore reduces our end costs.

We encourage all our staff to adopt eco-friendly practices, such as switching off unused lights and electrical equipment when not in use. Employees are encouraged not to print out documents unless necessary, but to use e-mail as a preferred option of communication. Our company systems have moved away from requiring hardcopies to utilising electronic procedures and remote access systems linked into our central server.

We have changed our working systems to maximise remote working, reducing work miles and use online collaboration platforms for internal and external meetings.

All wastepaper and plastics are collected in designated recycling bins located in our offices.

Printer ink cartridges are collected from our sites and sent to a company who re-fill cartridges for re-sale.

On site, construction waste materials are sorted for recycling, where there is no capacity for separate waste disposal skips, the waste will be sorted for recycling by the Waste Disposal company. We only use Waste companies who have recycling facilities.

We encourage and practice the avoidance of ‘new build’ wherever possible through engineering refurbishment projects to extend design life of existing client infrastructure. We utilise off-site construction methods, containerising pump and control stations, manufacturing and testing them at Phoenix House to reduce on site construction and programmes

Where ‘new builds’ are required our designs look to utilising methods and technology to minimise environmental impacts and CO2 emissions.