Refurbishment of the Harewood Whin Landfill Site Leachate Treatment Plant

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Phoenix Engineering has been awarded the contract by Yorwaste Ltd for the Civil Engineering and MEICA rebuild and upgrade of the Harewood Whin Landfill Leachate Treatment Plant.  Refurbishment works commenced in April 2019.  The rebuild and upgrade includes, refurbishment of one of the process lagoons, construction of a new BS1090 compliant galvanised steel access platform


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Phoenix Engineering has switched to renewable electricity with Haven Power, saving the carbon equivalent of a 42 inch LCD TV running continuously for 250 days. Jonty Olufsen, Managing Director of Phoenix Engineering, said “Working in the Waste and Environmental Sector we must demonstrate a responsible approach to energy consumption and sustainability. By partnering with Haven

Landfill Aftercare Scoping Study

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  On 4 December 2018, DEFRA published the 200-page final report of a 4-month study into Landfill Aftercare Scoping, under Project WR1919.  Phoenix staff Howard and Tim Robinson had worked with Bob Gregory of GES and David Brown and Steven Shaw of Honace, to research and write the report.  The project aims to identify the

Completion of the Lean Quarry LTP Raw Leachate Storage Tank Contract

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Phoenix has now completed the full MEICA installation of the Lean Quarry LTP Raw Leachate Storage Tank works for Viridor at Lean Quarry Landfill Site.  The new SCADA and control system provides control of leachate extracted from the site and tankered leachates in the storage tanks, from where it is delivered to the LTP for